Earn crypto by scrolling

Next generation social network

Our mission is to offer a safe place where anybody can share anything (legal) without fear of negative or offensive comments.

Noment will also offer its own cryptocurrency NMNT
which you can earn by our app

Noment Token (NMNT)

Native Noment token will be fully integrated into the social network ecosystem and will be also tradable at various exchanges.

  • Runs on binance smart chain

    As a proven, fast and low fee blockchain we chose to use binance smart chain

  • Earn your NMNT tokens

    Earn tokens by being active on the network

    • Content consumption
    • Content creation
    • Referral program
  • In-app wallet & purchases

    Integrated wallet in your account and direct in-app purchases

  • Send NMNT to your friends

    Easy one button transfers to anyone you want

  • Company solutions

    Companies and influencers will have access to even more options, including NFT sales. For more information please check the whitepaper.

Total token supply is set up to 50 billions

Half of the total supply (25 billions NMNT) will be gradually distributed to all noment users thru their activity on the network.

  • Ecosystem & Community Rewards

    25 000 000 000 (50 %)

  • Team

    10 000 000 000 (20 %)

  • Round 3 sale

    5 000 000 000 (10 %)

  • Round 2 sale

    2 500 000 000 (5 %)

  • Initial liquidity

    2 500 000 000 (5 %)

  • Advisors

    2 500 000 000 (5 %)

  • Company

    2 000 000 000 (4 %)

  • Round 1 - Presale

    500 000 000 (1 %)

  • 10% of fees goes to treasury to further development

Round 1 - Presale is over.

Follow our official channels to find out about the next round of sales.

Coming soon
  • For you + Reaction to the post

    Fresh new design. Also you can see how the selected reactions to the posts will look like. You will decide which 2-6 reactions will be visible by your post (from almost 200).

  • Text reactions

    Text reactions will be allowed for companies/influencers and it will help them to get more specific feedback which is really important for them.

  • Nomies

    You can add stories which will disappear after 24 hours and choose how the audience will react to them.

  • Explore feed + TOPs

    Nicely sorted categories with one where TOP contents from the previous day are stored. TOP 5 posts will be awarded with NMNT token.

  • In app wallet

    A wallet for your NOMENT tokens will be implemented right into your profile. You can see the history of transactions and can also check the graph of how NMNT stands.

  • Send

    You can very easily transfer your NMNTs to another user of the NOMENT app.

  • Profile

    Your profile will give you a space to express your creativity. There will be elements which you can adjust to distinguish your profile from others.

Project Roadmap

11. 2020

Idea came up

01. 2021

Business model creation

03. 2021

Start of project with strategic partner

02. 11. 2021

Round 1 - Presale


Round 2 sale


Round 3 sale

03. 2022

NOMENT network version 1.0

For the latest news follow us on all official channels.


"Life is too short to worry about comments under your posts."

Milan Čaniga


Tomáš Michek



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by pixelmate.


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